Great Homecare is Great Healthcare

We are revolutionizing integrated healthcare capability in the home.

Our Mission is to provide the best patient experience for in home care and quality of life. 

Effective in home healthcare is much more than FaceTime or a Zoom calls with your doctor.  It requires comprehensive holistic support of the patient incorporating a host of integrated functions and services, many not previously available like active fall detection, home automation with remote access by caregivers, and integration of many different services and products customized and relevant to a specific patient’s needs.   In Home Healthcare has developed a state of the art platfom incorporating the latest technology including smart tablets,  IoT biometrics,  and AI based application engines, to provide a new and better patient experience.

The InFamilyCare™


After two years of development, In Home Health will be releasing the InFamilyCare Platform, the most advanced and feature rich IoT platform for supporting integrated healthcare delivery and patient support in the home.


We have integrated the communications, biometrics, medical workflow, and EMR access improving the remote experience between patient and provider.

Home Automation

Our in-home network  hub integrates with most IoT devices providing remote control of lighting, heating, cooling,  patient location, motion monitoring, entry control, and a host of new devices now totaling over 300 and growing in capabilities.



The platform provides direct communication on mobile, tablet, and voice devices between the patient and all the members of their care team. InFamilyCare platform can also  support standard phone lines providing functionality even in the most remote areas.


Safety comes first, especially for in home healthcare.  In home health provides an intital home assessment and recommendaed configuration focusing on safety.  Features like fall detection, location monitoring, and voice assist are included where required.


The InFamilyCare Platform has been designed to be medically secured through both network and application design and the use of encryption.  We realize the importance of  privacy and information security for such sensitive patient information.


In Home Health is developing an entire ecosystem of in-home service providers and products to support the patient in the home  utilizing a patient friendly  AI based recommendation engine to delivering evidence based, relevant support based on the patient’s specific requirements.

Interested in Investing?

We are looking for a few key investors to help launch the next generation of in-home healthcare.

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